Concord Street, San Diego, CA

This project involved an addition and remodel which converted a quirky poorly built 1940's era home into a 2 level, 3 bedroom, 3 bath residence. Every aspect of the house was changed, from a new kitchen and cathedral ceilings in the living room to a palatial master bedroom suite with sitting area viewing the city skyline. [Point on both top pictures to view the front and back of preexisting residence.]

Venice Street, San Diego, CA

This 2 story accessory companion unit was built with a deck over a carport and is attached to an existing 1 car garage. The street level consists of a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry area while the second level is a living area which required a coastal development permit and is legaL to rent.

Willow Street, San Diego, CA

This was a complete remodel with a 2nd level addition to the existing residence. The upper level addition became a master suite including a sitting room and deck with stunning views. [Point on the right picture to view the rearside of of the renovated residence.]

Hill Street, San Diego, CA

This project started with a complete remodel of the existing residence [Point on left picture to view former residence] by adding a second level, a new entry, a total redo of the existing first floor with an open plan layout including a new kitchen with a grand access to the new rear yard deck. Additionally, ceiling height was raised to create a lofty interior throughout the first level. The new upper level has a sitting room with a deck and views of San Diego bay, as well as a master bedroom and bath with an upstairs laundry. An exterior stair connects this level to a panoramic view roof deck.

Harbor View Place, San Diego, CA

This 1940 residence was transformed by a substantial addition including a complete change of circulation and building style. A significant accomplishment of the three story project was maintaining its height to six inches below the limit, thus circumventing the need for a Coastal development permit.

Lowell Street Addition

Lowell Street, San Diego, CA

This new second level addition with a deck and remodel of the existing residence included a completely remodeled kitchen with new main entry focusing on the sweeping San Diego views.

Sunset Cliffs Addition & Remodel

Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, CA

This three phase project required a coastal development plan and started with an addition to the front of the residence with a deck connecting the upper levels. Phase two followed with a major remodel and addition to the rear of the residence to change the style from a 1970 ranch to a more modern look. Finally, a three car garage was added with a living unit above.[Point on picture for interior ocean view.]

Dolphin Place Addition

Dolphin Place, La Jolla, CA

Providing a second level addition on the bluffs of La Jolla, this project required a California State Coastal Development permit since the existing residence impeded into the coastal no-build zone. While maintaining the original structure, we were able to preserve an existing bedroom perched over bluff. The stately courtyard was fashioned after an east coast backyard and the ocean side was transformed into a California beach cottage look.
[Point on picture for backyard view.]

New Residence at Granger Street

Granger Street, San Diego, CA

This house underwent a significant change from a single to a two level residence. Basically, it was a complete remodel with the living room and master bedroom reconfigured to be as close to the front as possible. [Point on picture for entry level view.]

Devonshire Street, San Diego, CA

This expansive project involved a complete remodel of the upper and lower levels of an historic Sunset Cliffs residence while keeping the authentic living and dining room un-touched. The cut up kitchen wing was completely opened up with new exposed structural elements. The upper level was remodeled with an addition for a master bedroom, bath and laundry over a great room which accesses the lower yard. Below are two rear views as the front of the residence is hidden by trees.

Monaco Street, San Diego, CA

To capture the streetside views of the Pacific Ocean, the 2nd level addition and remodel places the master bedroom and a large family room to the front of the property to capture the dramatic views. Both rooms access the deck. A dramatic open stair also brings abundant light to the lower level remodeled kitchen area.

Via Capri Street, La Jolla, CA

After completing a new master plan of the entire property, a total remodel was done of the existing residence along with new additions. Highlighting the changes are a completely new exterior facade and roof design as well as a new detached two-car garage with an open loft for raised boat storage capability.

New Residence at Pine Street

Pine Street, San Diego, CA

With the client wanting to preserve the craftsman nature of the existing single level house, a design was developed to integrate the style with a more modern, stucco stair tower which divided the house into three individual sections, thus creating a more detailed facade.

New residence at Concord Street

Concord Street, San Diego, CA

This new residence was built on a narrow lot with an existing drainage easement along one side. The living, kitchen and dining areas are situated on the upper level to take advantage of the panoramic views.

Dupont Street, San Diego, CA

An accessory two level antique car garage. This structure is located in the rear yard of an existing single family residence. The lower level is a garage workshop with three custom made swinging garage doors. The second level can support automobiles with a car lift for car storage.

New residence at Cape May Street

Cape May Street, San Diego, CA

A new two level residence requiring a coastal development permit. The site slopes from the rear alley to the street. The residence is sited to access the rear yard from the living area on the ground level. The architect created a small building footprint, and located the house to the extreme front of the property to maximize the rear yard. The upper level has a cathedral ceiling sitting room with a deck facing the front of the property for maximum second level views. [Point on picture for backyard view.]

New Residence at Goldfinch Street

Goldfinch Street, San Diego, CA

This new residence sits on a 5,000 square foot lot. The project design includes a 1,757 square foot basement which is in addition to the floor area. The remainder of the residence maximizes the square footage allowable.

Point Loma Ave Addition and Remodel

Point Loma Avenue, San Diego, CA

The existing residence's previous addition and initial construction were poorly done and arbitrary in nature. The lower level remodel and addition not only added 2 bedrooms and much needed natural light, but fused the structure together to attain seismic proficiency. An expansive deck over the addition, an entry element and a 3rd level deck were also part of the project scope.

Osprey Street, San Diego, CA

This is a remodel with additions to an old and run down residence located in an upscale ocean view neighborhood in Point Loma. Additions include a new entry and covered porch, as well as a master bedroom and covered porch, both of which add a craftsman style to the existing residence.

New Residence at Scott Street

Scott Street, San Diego, CA

Built on a small lot, this is a developer specification house which required a Coastal development permit. The living, kitchen and dining areas are on the upper level, while the bedrooms are situated on the entry level.

Catalina Boulevard, San Diego, CA

This is a complete interior remodel of and addition to a 1940 residence. The existing flat and slightly pitched roofs were maintained with some additions. Since the property is encumbered with a one story height restriction, a new entry was designed to maximize the allowed height and add drama to the otherwise plain facade of the original structure. [Point on right picture to view the original residence.]

Osprey Street, San Diego, CA

The client desired an indoor/outdoor area for TV sports watching, outdoor bar area, and a more intimate feel to the spa area. This was achieved by a partially covered and an open trellis structure in one. The efficient and craftsman like construction lets enough light in and protects the outdoor items from the weather.
[Point on right picture for another view.]

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