Other Residential Projects

El Camino Del Norte Street, Encinitas, CA

This project involved the addition of a two car garage and a complete remodel of the existing garage which was transformed into a family room, an office and full bath. The existing residence which consisted of a flat roof now has a pitched truss roof throughout the entire residence with decorative rafter tails. [Point on upper pictures for more views.]

Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA

The redesigned deck is shown along with a view of the City of San Diego and the Bay as seen through the new steel framed triangular shaped replacement deck during construction. The structure is designed to minimize the cross section of the deck to maximize the height underneath. [Point on both pictures for more views of the deck's structure.]

Orma Drive, San Diego, CA

In this adddition to an existing 1950 residence, the client wanted to double the square footage of the property while preserving the rear yard. The project was particularly successful in changing a stacked residence appearance into a non-boxy look.

Major Renovation at Valemont Street

Valemont Street, San Diego, CA

This existing 1940 house which was in a serious state of deterioration required a major renovation. Although a deed restriction prevented an upper level, flat roofs with high ceilings were combined with the existing pitched roofs to remain under the height limit. [Point on picture for another view.]

Via Moreno Remodel

Via Merano, San Diego, CA

This project involved a three level modern elevator tower and main entry. The stucco elevator tower was attached to a 1970s wood residence, including a new entry walkway and a modern main entry design.

Evergreen Remodel

North Evergreen Street, San Diego, CA

This addition and remodel to a residence on a steep hillside involved a new master bedroom, bath and closet, as well as a new family room attached to an existing exterior deck with a spiral stair to the new deck above.

Addition at Cornish Street

Cornish Street, San Diego, CA

This seamless matching of the existing structure to the new design added an upstairs master bedroom, bath and closet.

Addition & Remodel at Lamont Street

Lamont Street, San Diego, CA

With an unreformed masonry structure that required no reinforcing of the existing structure, the new addition of this residence wraps in between and around the existing masonry.

Addition & remodel at Coronado Street

Coronado Street, San Diego, CA

This addition to an existing 1940 residence elevated the living and dining areas to the upper level which included high vaulted ceilings and a mezzanine as part of the vaulted space.

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